One dashboard to track all your debts

And AI-optimized payoff planning1 to help save interest

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Your credit picture at a glance •  Upcoming payment & statement reminders •  Interest-saving payoff recommendations

See your complete credit picture at a glance

No bank logins (or any confidential info) ever required

Get timely reminders of upcoming payments due and statements to enter. Stay on top of expiring promo rates and high-interest debts.

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AI-optimized payoff planning

Pay down Promos & Multi-APR balances without guesswork

Xeroed uses your payoff budget, balances, APR rates and any upcoming promotional expirations to look into the future and generate an optimized plan to pay off your debts with the least interest.

Every new statement triggers an updated, optimized payoff plan with the new information.

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Simply enter your latest statements

Just copy over your promotional rates, balances and APR end dates from your credit card & loan statements.

Entering your monthly statements is quick and easy!

Xeroed never asks for your bank logins or passwords, SSN, or any confidential info. All calculations are done simply from the statements you enter.

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There's more!

Set your own monthly budget.

Factor-in extra one-off payments.

See savings within 3-4 months.

Compare the Xeroed Skier debt payoff method

Saves more interest than the Snowball & Avalanche methods.

The Snowball Method
Strategy: Paying off debts in order of smallest balances first, regardless of interest rate, while making minimum payments on the other debts. Once the smallest balance is paid off, paying off the next larger one, and so on.
Advantage: Helps you visually get rid of the smaller debts first.
Disadvantage: If your larger debts have higher interest rates, you'll end up paying high interest overall.
The Avalanche Method
Strategy: Paying off debts with the highest interest rates first, regardless of balance remaining. Once the debt with the highest APR is paid off, paying off the next lower one, and so on.
Advantage: Works well if you don't have any expiring promotional 0% APR or low-rate balances, nor plan to take any.
Disadvantage: Expiring promos will remain ignored till their APR shoots up, costing you high interest payment overall.
Our Xeroed "Skier" Method
Strategy: Xeroed looks ahead through time at the current and upcoming APRs on your complete mix of loan and card balances, including any 0% / low-rate promotions.
Advantage: You get efficient, AI-optimized payoff plans – interest-saving roadmaps through the projected payoff period. Pay off promos neither too early nor too late.
Disadvantage: Requires slightly more detailed information plugged in from your statements, but we make this easy!
You save by paying the least interest overall