Snowball? Or Avalanche?

Xeroed's Skier Method outpaces both!

The Snowball Method
Strategy: Pay off your debts in order of smallest balances first, regardless of interest rate, while making minimum payments on the other debts. Once the smallest balance is paid off, attack the next larger one, and so on.
Advantage: Helps you visually get rid of the smaller debts first.
Disadvantage: If your larger debts have higher interest rates, you'll end up paying high interest overall.
The Avalanche Method
Strategy: Target debts with the highest interest rates first, regardless of balance remaining. Once you've paid off the debt with the highest APR, target the next lower one, and so on.
Advantage: Works well if you don't have any expiring promotional 0% APR or low-rate balances, nor plan to take any.
Disadvantage: Expiring promos will remain ignored till their APR shoots up, costing you high interest payment overall.
Xeroed's Skier Method
Strategy: Xeroed looks ahead through time at the current and upcoming APRs on your complete mix of loan and card balances, including any 0% / low-rate promotions.
Advantage: You get efficient, AI-optimized payoff plans – interest-saving roadmaps through the projected payoff period. Pay off promos neither too early nor too late.
You save by paying the least interest overall
Plus! Xeroed factors-in any extra one-off payments you specify. Give it all you can!

The key: Look ahead!

Get an optimized payment plan
Xeroed's Skier Method looks ahead at all your promos and balances, and computes an optimized payment plan to pay off your debts the fastest.
Reduce interest, increase payoffs
The optimized plan helps you navigate the maze of your promo expirations and highest-rate balances, minimizing interest and paying them off sooner.
See savings within 3-4 months
See your interest charges coming down within months, as you continue to allocate your payments smartly. Beat the banks at their own game!
Xeroed Payoff Plan - sample screenshot
Notice the promo card (Barclays) starts getting increased payment recommendations around midway before its promo expiration - optimization at work. The exact timing varies based on the mix of factors Xeroed looks at.
(Click the image for a larger view.)
Xeroed's Payoff Plan: Focus on the right cards

The problem: With a mix of promotional and standard rate balances (often on the same card!), you need the right strategy to pay them down correctly.

Pay off the promos too early, and you lose out on their interest-free advantage, while incurring more interest on your standard rate debts. Hold off till too late, and you risk the promos expiring and shooting up to their high standard rates.

The solution: Xeroed looks ahead at the expiration dates of your promos, their balances and go-to APRs; the balances and APRs on all your other debts; and your monthly budget, and automatically prepares an optimized payment plan that minimizes the overall interest you'll pay.

Xeroed helps you save on interest, and be debt-free earlier.

Xeroed Dashboard - sample screenshot
The Amex has a lower APR, but no promo. The Barclays has a higher standard APR, but a 0% promo for a year. Xeroed will use this info, and that from the other 2 cards, to compute your best payoff plan.
(Click the image for a larger view.)
The Dashboard: Your complete credit picture on one screen

Get an at-a-glance view of credit limits, APRs and the most recent several months of balances, interest and payments for all your debts along with their credit limits and APRs, including credit cards, mortgages, student and auto loans.

Remain on top of expiring promo rates, high-interest debts, upcoming payments due and statements to enter.

Simply enter your monthly statements and payments on this screen - a statement takes under 5 minutes. Xeroed uses this information to automatically compute and prepare the most optimum payoff plan based on your monthly budget.

Your accounts are safe - we don't ask for any personal info, credit card numbers, or account logins.